Example projects

Video platform migration & launch

Agreeing and documenting the inter-vendor integration points, managing vendor, internal and operator teams to work to a common plan to launch a linear & VoD multiscreen OTT platform and migrate customers from the legacy platform. Progressing the hands-on integration of the new client and the new back-end, a mix of near-shore and on-site.


First deployment project management

Providing project management capacity to launch a new product to a big customer for a scale-up from near-shore, transforming the business. Owning the customer relationship, project planning and reporting as well as issue & risk management etc.

Deployment offshoring

Remotely deploying, configuring and updating software on a range of client environments and cloud environments for a number of software vendors from Bangalore. Readying the environment, progressing the steps to the right end product and testing the final build.

Test automation optimisation

Overhauling the use of test automation for a mix of operators and vendors, utilising a range of industry automation tools (e.g. Witbe, Stormtest, Innspect) from Bangalore. Advising on best practice of how to get the most value from the activities, creating a plan and executing to increase the number of test cases and focus on reproducing customer ‘unhappy path’ scenarios.

Metadata strategy

Strategic consulting on how to optimise both the company operating model and processes to minimise errors creeping into metadata, as well as documenting a target unified data model across data repositories, and providing a plan of how to migrate the back catalogue to the unified model and how to clean the data prior to creating a data lake.

STB stack porting

Migrating a STB middleware and application between the SoCs to allow the operator to dual source STBs with different chipsets, from near-shore. Buidling out the SoC SDK and working on bootcode and firmware through to application layer code.