Delivery services

We believe that realising the business benefits of your roadmaps and strategies does not happen by accident. We offer strong, experienced delivery consultants to actively manage your projects, driving their progress and removing the roadblocks. Our consultants can manage large and complex projects with any mix of your teams, our teams and/or third party teams, understanding the politics and ensuring key stakeholders are bought in throughout. We also believe our delivery consultants should understand the technology and can bring their experience to bear in ensuring best practice on your projects.

We can package our services in the right way for you. Our work includes:

  • Detailed, dependency-driven planning, understanding what can influence the project outcome and pro-actively managing these to maximise success.
  • Diligent tracking and reporting on status across all activities, ensuring comms activities reach as far as they need to for the right level of buy-in across the organisation.
  • A driving mentality, seeking out risks and issues and immediately looking to mitigate. Looking for solutions and proposing options alongside assessed impacts where decisions are required.
  • Identify and document business needs relevant to your project or platform, providing guidance on the best way to phase and group activities to provide the most impactful benefit as soon as possible.
  • Work with expert stakeholders from different teams and suppliers as needed to ensure the accuracy of product, technical and customer documentation so that all teams are aligned.
  • Understand the business context of product changes to advise on processes and organisations being impacted and working with relevant stakeholders to update those as needed.
  • Analyse the impact of your projects and roadmaps on your consumers, looking at all the interaction points to create an exhaustive overview of the potential areas and ensure all impacts are suitably addressed.
  • Work with project teams and business and/or technical operations teams to ensure that all teams understand the impacts, that people are trained as needed and that relevant ‘war games’ have been run so that your customer experience is smooth.
  • Where needed, work with comms teams to ensure relevant marketing and comms is in place and accurate based on the very latest project status and product look and feel.

Some examples of how we are helping customers:

  • Project managing the deployment of video software components to customers (delivery includes mix of our nearshore & offshore teams as well as customer & third parties).
  • Point Technical Project Management resource to oversee and lead deployment of an e2e video platform.
  • Project managing a strategic initiative on the technical roadmap for a broadcaster.