For Vendors, Start-ups & Scale-ups

Would it help you scale quicker if you had instant access to flexible teams and individuals with a range of skills, all experienced in video technologies and projects, happy to white label as your business so no-one has to know we were ever there?


Here are some of the ways in which companies are using our teams in Bangalore, Lisbon & around the world:

  • Deploy your software in customer/cloud environments
  • Integrate your software into customer platforms / embedded devices
  • Project manage your deployments on-site at customer premises
  • Project manage & oversee integrations remotely
  • Advise on delivery best practice, and/or add capacity
  • Train Sales teams on how to effectively build relationships, map markets & close deals remotely (e.g. during lockdown)
  • Add BDM / Sales capacity in the region(s) you need
  • Build entire applications – e.g. Android TV app on STB
  • Build adjacent modules to your software
  • Add Development capacity
  • Introduce test automation
  • Optimise use of existing automation platforms
  • Add test capacity
  • Implement and configure Datadog to help you improve platform uptime, defect fix time and deployment velocity
  • Build custom dashboards for your existing implementation