Services incubation

With the rise in SaaS and software startups, there are many companies who are looking to launch a Professional Services offering but who are conscious this is not their area of expertise, nor their area of focus. The drivers for looking to expand into services are often so the business can:

  • Grow revenue from existing contacts, monetising their networks better.
  • Provide more predictable recurring revenue.
  • Have a higher impact on the companies & industries they serve.

Ovyo can work with your business to plan, define, start up and incubate a Professional Services offering to increase your revenue streams and transform your business. At Ovyo, we have different people who have set up services businesses and divisions from scratch at product companies and elsewhere, experience we make available to you through initial consulting and follow-on support. From start to finish, this is something Ovyo can help you do, building a capability for your company and training and preparing you to run it, with the peace of mind of ongoing support as you start and grow. We can also put at your disposal near-shore and off-shore teams to help deliver services, minimising any investment needed on your part to get off the ground.

Our services include:

  • Creating services collateral positioned in the right way towards your customers based on your specific business and opportunities.
  • Training your sales team on how to sell services (as distinct from products or placements).
  • Helping you hire the right people to lead that part of your business, or training pre-identified people on best practice on how to run a services business.
  • Helping you choose and set up the right tools you will need.
  • Helping you as senior management understand ‘what good looks like’ in the first 12-24 months of operating and understand the most likely levers to look at tweaking during that period to ensure the business stays on the optimum path