Services mixed-shoring

Ovyo lets you reduce the cost of providing Professional Services to your customers leveraging our near-shore and off-shore capabilities to provide the right blend of skills, experience and price. We have teams of Engineers to deploy, build, integrate and/or test your platform, often leveraged to provide additional capacity in addition to lowering the cost of providing the service. 

Ovyo teams can work with you to take on elements of Professional Services to best meet your needs:

  • Specialising on delivering the mature & repeatable tasks for one or more of your solutions, allowing your teams to focus on more complex design and troubleshooting scenarios.
  • Providing early life support for deployed systems, including Resident Engineer contracts.
  • Working in your teams, directed as needed by you, with the right skills to deploy and integrate your software as needed to add capacity flexibly.
  • Including Project Management, design & estimation activities as well as integration, deployment, testing etc.
  • Taking on ‘adjacent’ areas in projects so that you can focus on your core business & core competencies but still agree to the scope that your customer is asking for.
  • Taking over entire sections of your services offering such as a product or group of products.
  • A full outsourcing of your entire Professional Services business to us.

Our Engineers have strong experience in full stack software deployment, integration, development and test with different teams specialising in cloud native software, embedded software, mobile app development and middleware.

We also have a proven methodology for helping you to migrate activities to us to ensure that your projects continue to be delivered at the quality you and your customers expect.