Our services

Delivery services

Delivery services

Programme & project management that focuses on getting your platform or project launched and your business ready.
Technical services

Technical services

Architecture, design, integration, bespoke development and test services to get your platform working, stable and secure.



High-level consulting around operating models, organisation structures and approaches to resolving problem areas.

We are in a digital-first era where businesses and consumers alike expect always-on, low-latency, secure and performant systems and an instant ability to add and tailor features. With shifting regulatory requirements and ever-improving technological capabilities, change frequently brings opportunity for more innovation but the risk of greater complexity, and many businesses and business units are struggling without the right capacity and expertise to deliver on all fronts simultaneously.

With a global team of experts across the video, IoT and satellite industries, Ovyo is in prime position to support your vision. We can quickly make available individuals or teams either on-site or blended as needed from our offshore and nearshore centres to, amongst other things:

  • Deliver complex projects and programmes.
  • Integrate platform components to meet your workflows.
  • Develop bespoke components and applications.
  • Test components or platforms, and introduce test automation.
  • Consult on vendor selection, org models and more.

We are independent experts, focused on meeting your business goals, delivered with a tried and tested customer-centric delivery methodology. We offer a range of models to support you, from providing point consultancy, specified resources with the experience and skills to augment your team, or spinning up entire project teams of our people to deliver what you need.

Talk to us today to understand how we can help you:

  • De-risk & deliver new service launches.
  • Integrate new software platforms.
  • Harden & troubleshoot ‘problem areas’.
  • Add capacity to your technical & delivery teams.