Green means grow

Ovyo exists to give companies in the video, IoT and satellite industries access to the flexible capacity and skills that they need to grow.
You don’t always have the capacity in-house to deal with every request, and sometimes you say no to customers and stakeholders because you have to prioritise, or your deliveries are delayed because you don’t have enough of the right expertise. Ovyo solves this for you and lets you focus on accelerating and expanding.
Talk to us about helping you deliver your projects, develop your applications, deploy your software, integrate your platforms and optimise your testing, processes ..and more.. leveraging our teams in Bangalore, Lisbon and the UK – always with experienced resources. We also have an unrivalled network of associates globally, which we have used to great effect to place niche skills in specific locations at short notice.
Ovyo is not ‘simply’ a provider of additional capacity. We provide strategic consulting services, not least covering how to effectively offshore and outsource work and/or teams when you’ve not done so much before. It’s critical to get this right and we work with you every step of the way to make sure that when you do undertake this change, you both realise the intended benefits, keep your customers and stakeholders happy, and manage change well for your employees.
We always strive to be a company who are easy and enjoyable to work with – this means we always try to turn requests around quickly and work to a range of different commercial models with our customers – fixed price, time & materials, and hybrid models.