Technical services

Ovyo lets you inject the right expertise into your projects and teams at the right levels. We have teams of Engineers to deploy, build, integrate and/or test your platform, often leveraged to provide additional capacity or lower the cost of providing the service. Additionally, our consultants can advise on long-term strategy, define & document cloud or hosted architectures and roadmaps to achieve them, and can lead teams to deliver your vision. 

We can package our services in the right way for you, with the right blend of on-site and off-shore. Our work includes:

Ovyo tech services
  • Deploying entire platforms, specific components or particular domain areas within multiple projects.
  • Leveraging nearshore and offshore teams to reduce costs of offering Professional Services.
  • Scaling up & down as needed to help you manage peaks & troughs in demand.
  • Probe and test APIs to ensure that they work as documented, working alongside Development teams to assess and suggest fixes where gaps are found, also ensuring documentation remains updated.
  • Bring creativity in ‘unhappy path’ thinking, ensuring that potential issues are thought about before launch and platform behaviour is validated, working alongside Architects and Development to assess and suggest fixes to any gaps.
  • DevOps services to provide a continuous delivery pipeline at high quality, or assistance moving to a DevOps model.
  • Rapid prototyping to prove concepts and quickly get to MVP.
  • System interface translations and middleware to integrate platform components as required.
  • Build custom components / applications to your specifications, either transitioning code and ownership to your teams or being available to maintain software moving forwards.
  • Quickly scale your test team to provide data on the readiness of your platform.
  • Test at component, integration, end-to-end and non-functional levels to properly identify defects and give confidence for launch.
  • Introduce end-to-end test automation, either API- or UI-driven, to mimic customer behaviours at scale, find and record less common issues for resolution, and provide fast feedback of data and charts when builds are produced. This is something that can be handed over once built, with your existing teams trained on how to use and maintain the tools.
  • Work with Product owners and business stakeholders to break down a goal into achievable steps and defining something that creates the launch Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as your business requires.
  • Ensure that relevant technical standards are met and that security, performance, reliability and operability are planned in from Day 1 so that the project doesn’t delay later on once these are factored in.
  • Advise on best practice and technologies from within the industry and other industries to ensure the optimum technology mix gives you the performance and the price you need.
  • Use our expertise in different technologies to assess the right steps for your business when embarking on something new.
  • Blend established suppliers with research into the newest entrants to get a competitive mix in your tender, with responses diligently documented and assessed against pre-agreed criteria for an open and auditable process.


We have a specialisation around operations, observability and monitoring – read more here.

Some examples of how we are helping customers:

  • Deploying new video software components & platforms to customers & rolling out updates to deployed systems.
  • Porting STB software stacks between chipsets, including working on SDK and drivers (Embedded Linux).
  • Building an integration bus between components in the video CMS in order for two manufacturers’ solutions to integrate.
  • Testing the deployment of a new software component for a broadcaster.
  • Building custom IoT applications and integrating into IoT platforms.