About us

Ovyo creatively solves the toughest problems in tech, providing the rocket ship that accelerates our customers’ businesses and delivers new capabilities to users of data, connectivity and video globally.

We provide strategic delivery, technical and consulting services to the video, IoT and satellite industries as well as technology vendors based on deep industry knowledge. In video, we work with all sorts of industry players, from SoC manufacturers and software, network & platform vendors to content owners, broadcasters and Pay TV network operators.

Ovyo offers services including consultancy, project delivery, deployment, platform and systems integration, bespoke development and testing: these services can be offered standalone or combined together as a managed project delivery, blended between on-site, near-shore and/or off-shore. We also offer Professional Services nearshoring, offshoring & outsourcing capabilities through teams highly experienced at remote working, applying a sound structure to we onboard customers for whom this is a new way of working, so we ensure delivery momentum is maintained. Staff at all locations have the equipment and infrastructure to work fully remotely unimpeded if necessary.

Our business is built on 5 core values that we believe sets up our teams to succeed for our customers.

  • Obsess about customer success. We focus on delivering what we’ve agreed so our customers succeed, doing so in a way that customers are always impressed with Ovyo.
  • Pro-actively communicate openly. We always aim to share info and we prize collaboration between all teams.
  • Uphold the highest standards of integrity at all times.
  • Encourage personality. We respect our people, celebrate their individuality and advocate enjoyment at work.
  • Step up and step in. Each of us takes individual and group accountability to get the job done.
Ovyo values

We are creative problem solvers and always try to embed that approach in our business, looking to partner with customers to provide the right experience and skills in the right way to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Methodology shouldn’t be stuffy, but should be the enabler for consistent, repeatable success and excellence. We focus on three key aspects:

  • Integrate early

    We always look to prove integration points early in projects as this is where many of the key risks lie. Sometimes we need to get very creative about how we do this, but we fundamentally believe that projects succeed better when designs are proven early, so it is worth taking the effort to do this.
  • Plan the unhappy path

    Very rarely do projects proceed without any hitches, so it is important to bring our expertise to anticipate likely issues, both in order to plan from the start how to mitigate them, and to factor in the right amount of time at likely pain points so that the wider business can make decisions based on a believable and achievable delivery plan.
  • Clarity of data & communications

    We always look to ensure we pro-actively communicate all the relevant data to interested stakeholders on our progress, and on options around decisions as we move through a project.

Ovyo was founded with three underpinning philosophies of what can bring real improvement for customers looking to deliver complex transformational technology projects:

  • A focus on stewarding the customer’s business goals.

    Customers know when people are acting in their best interests. We religiously want to do the right thing for the customer, always.
    We seek to understand the customer’s underlying business goals and align ourselves closely to hitting those so that the customer is more than satisfied with our work.
  • Making services more amenable.

    We have off-shore and near-shore centres which we can make available to customers and projects with no ‘minimum size’ in terms of number of people, which is common with larger companies.
    Typically organisations get managed project services and contractors from different organisations. By being able to provide both services, we can offer more flexibility to customers.
  • Being there to help on the hardest yards.

    We are passionate about getting involved in the projects that really make a difference for our customers and the industries we serve. We want to be the people who are called to solve the hard, complex, risky problems, with the ability to provide people with the right experience to truly help.