Complex project delivery & consulting

Launch your biggest and most transformative projects and your hardest multi-party platforms on time, with help from the experts, or get advice before embarking on complex change.

Its hard but its achievable

Your biggest and most complex projects are usually the ones that have the most riding on them. Yet they’re also the projects that companies are often least prepared to manage with existing teams. All but the largest companies don’t maintain teams who are really experienced in managing difficult, multi-party integration and launch projects.

Bringing in expert help can ensure that you hit the big goals you’re aiming for. You can benefit from having Programme Managers, Architects and BAs who understand what’s needed to deliver projects like these successfully and who can put in place the structures needed to collaborate effectively, can drive multiple internal and supplier teams to achieve the targets and who can spot the risks before they turn into issues. Having senior personnel on hand also enables the coaching of management teams to understand how best to communicate and plan for such a level of change and best play their critical role in achieving success.

Our experience

Ovyo and our teams have been at the forefront of delivering some of the most complex projects in video, satellite and communications. Our expertise is focused in these industries, so we can bring to the table experience of dealing with specific to the challenges of deploying new video platforms and migrating from legacy platforms, specific to OSS/BSS in a comms environment.

We have delivered entire launch and integration projects end-to-end on behalf of Tier 1 and smaller customers, and we have also provided specific capabilities to lead or augment teams on these projects, including providing more the Programme Management / Delivery expertise, and providing more the Architecture & Technical leadership. Ask us about what our teams have helped Vodafone, OneWeb, DT and others achieve!

Practical expert advice

Ovyo has a wealth of consulting experience including both our MD and Director of India, numerous members of our team plus a large pool of excellent Associate Consultants. Our mindset is very much focused on actionable and practical outcomes and we are fiercely independent. We have helped customers with challenges around getting the best out of their software teams, maximising QA automation ROI, change management around a re-organisation and M&A activities, setting delivery frameworks for complex projects, vendor selection, data & metadata architecture and more.

Key success factors


Lean on the expertise of people who have done this before multiple times.


Get all parties knowing what’s needed to succeed and talking openly.

‘Unhappy path’ planning

Know what to do if not everything is perfect every step of the way.

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