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Quickly flex your team

One of the biggest challenges for teams is to be the right size for the amount of work they have. This is true both for Software Engineering and QA teams as well as less technical disciplines. If your team is sized for the peak workload during the year, your costs are high and you will likely have un-used or under-utilised downtime outside the peak. However, if you size below this then at busy times your teams may burn out, be de-motivated due to the workload and you may find yourself saying ‘no’ to customer requests, leaving money on the table.

You can optimise by bringing in extra capacity to scale your delivery teams for the peak periods whilst not being beholden to keeping them during less busy times. This can be by bringing in people who have the same skills as your existing team, scaling delivery, or even bringing in new skills if a customer is asking you to do something non-standard. It is of course key in this case to bring in people who are suitably experienced and understand the use cases and jargon so that your time investment in making people truly useful to your business is minimised.

Our experience

Ovyo and our teams are scaling the capacity of some of the biggest names in video, satellite and communications. From our Delivery Centre in Bangalore as well as from South Africa and Lisbon, we are enabling businesses to flex and boost their capacity across various Software Engineering and Customer Deployment disciplines including Front-End and Cloud / Server-side development, DevOps, QA automation and more besides.

Where these teams are working for vendors, we understand the need for our customer’s brand to be at the heart of delivery and for the delivery experience to be seamless, so we often work ‘white labelled’, with our people badged as those of our customer, so that their customer never needs to know we’re involved. Who knows, you may even have spoken to some of our people without knowing.

We have surprised a few customers by how fast our people can start being useful and we take pride in finding ways to be effective quickly, especially after people (often) tell us, “You just don’t know how complex it is here!”.

Key success factors

Fast start

Teams who can start being truly useful asap.

Right skills

Directly applicable professional experience & industry knowledge to fit in perfectly.


Good comms skills for every individual but also at an engagement level for you.

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