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Sometimes “the day job” can overwhelm the ability of companies to take strategic steps forwards, hogging the time of Exec and management teams. Sometimes too these teams can have capacity to look at something but have a lot of unanswered questions about best practice and similar. There are also some topics which can be viewed as too sensitive to discuss with everyone in the business who could help drive something on.

Consultants can help in these scenarios by having the capacity to do some digging to gather data, compile options etc., and can also do things discretely in the background. The right Consultant will come with relevant experience of similar business problems with a good grasp of best practice at similar firms. The best Consultants will not only help by providing advice and an insight into best practice but will be fully focused on providing practical support, tangible deliverables with actionable insights and measurable progress. You want to know that after engaging a Consultant, you are closer to having completed your aims.

Our experience

Ovyo has a wealth of consulting experience including both our MD and Director of India, numerous members of our team plus a large pool of excellent Associate Consultants. Our mindset is very much focused on actionable and practical outcomes and we are fiercely independent. We have helped customers with change management around re-organisations and M&A activities, we have helped with product direction and many other projects. One of our most common engagement types is to set delivery frameworks for complex projects, putting the groundwork in place to help internal teams and vendors succeed once a project starts – this includes work on structures, processes, templates, comms etc. and has included helping Procurement, Delivery and Technology teams.

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