Niche role delivery

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Finding the needle in the haystack

Many businesses want to benefit from the experience of others who have done something before in order to progress projects smoothly by benefitting from lessons already learned. Whilst sometimes you need someone who is proficient in a particular technology, it can often be felt that the maximum value comes from someone who has deployed or integrated or migrated a specific vendor’s or very specific combination of vendors’ platforms / ecosystems, and has knowledge of specific tools that your business uses. When you consider that sometimes there are also geographical preferences, it can become quite daunting to try to find the person who can bring all that to the table in the specific role needed (e.g. PM, BA, Architect, Engineer).

Our experience

Ovyo has invested in a sizeable Talent team who can leverage their huge networks as well as scouring the industry to find you the exact right person you need, but we often staff niche roles from our large Associate pool of people we have previously worked with. We have a number of people who have previously worked in recruitment who understand how best to find people, and we couple this with a true understanding of what these roles entail. As we are a services company and not a recruitment agency, this means not only do we have a good appreciation of the roles because we hire teams for similar roles ourselves, we can also enlist our teams in helping calibrate what’s needed directly with our Talent team.

We have worked with a number of customers to find them the people with the specific combination of experience they need. Ask us what our teams have helped DT, Prime Focus, Vodafone, Bebanjo and others achieve!

Key success factors


Quick turnaround of options.


People doing the searching who really understand the role.


Capturing everything you need before looking at profiles.

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