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Ovyo is Datadog’s first integration partner for the video and satellite industries, and we also address other sectors. We use our blend of industry expertise and Operations best practices to help you maximise the value of your Datadog implementation and realise the business benefits of a truly modern monitoring & observability solution swiftly.

Ten years ago, businesses did not have the data they needed to effectively troubleshoot issues. Nowadays, most businesses have an over-availability of siloed data in different systems, so effective troubleshooting in the pressured situation of a time-sensitive outage remains hugely challenging, at the impact of customer experience. This is further complicated during the journey to the cloud:

Different system suppliers move to the cloud at different stages and rates and monitoring platforms can get more disparate and siloed with skills issues generated for Operations teams who need to be trained on an increasing number of tools.
Some cloud migrations can be rushed as they are triggered by hardware EOL and companies facing large investments in upgrading legacy infrastructure.
Teams work hard to ensure there is some semblance of a centralised monitoring platform but the costs of getting data from all systems into one place become prohibitive where the tool isn’t truly native across cloud and on-premise, leading to gaps in visibility & effectiveness as well as budget pressures.

Ovyo solves this through our partnership with Datadog.

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Ovyo believes Datadog offers the leading observability & monitoring tool for the video & satellite industries for a number of reasons:

  • Data is pulled together in a way that is intuitive to consume. Dashboards are hugely customisable, users can click through to drill down on all sorts of data and ‘slice and dice’ in myriad ways. Business metrics and IT metrics sit side-by-side in one place to correlate & spot any causative trends.
  • The power of the tool is unrivalled: it is suitable for observing true real-time behaviour across all parts of the business and the stack, across environments, across containers, across cloud & on-premise locations, across replicated systems (e.g. geographic splits) & across multiple technologies. Datadog even automatically recognizes when new versions are instantiated and includes them. If you have huge volumes of logs, Datadog can process them and logs can be categorised to focus on the most key elements whilst not removing data.
  • Outage time is further minimised by the alerting capabilities which are flexible and can be underpinned by different logic paths. Collaboration is made simple by how the tool allows teams to annotate events and share to reach conclusions as quickly as possible and restore service.
  • The tool is built to leverage cutting-edge capabilities, even applying Machine Learning to spot potential issues before they become outages. >200 vendor-backed code level implementations exist to integrate with databases, programming languages, CI/CD tools, cloud providers and more.

How Ovyo can help

Datadog is a fantastic tool with which you can get started very quickly. Some organisations will be comfortable tackling this on their own, others will prefer support from Ovyo through a structured approach to maximise value, to plan and think about how to use the tool effectively in line with the four steps outlined below. Ovyo works with you to lay out foundational work and then implement and configure Datadog to get everything set up in the right way for you and ensure your people are comfortable using the tool. Not all organisations will choose the ‘consolidation’ step – this depends on where your organisation is on the cloud journey and what the main drivers of the Datadog implementation are.