Setup offshore teams

Leverage the Indian talent pool with your own team.

A presence in India

Many companies would love to leverage the skilled talent pool available to them in India. Whilst Ovyo and others can make teams available, for some firms the sheer scale of their ambitions mean they are looking to quickly set up their own entity and operations in India. This can be daunting without local knowledge of how to go setting up an entity, getting an office and building a team. Indeed a number of companies have tried this and failed because they simply weren’t aware what it would take to make this work.

You can do this yourself and many companies have made that work, but it can be useful to call on a trusted partner who can guide you and help as much or as little as needed with the practicalities, pointing out the steps that need particular care and helping you achieve your business goals.

Our experience

Ovyo has helped companies set up practices in India. We have helped customer get entire operations set up and running before transferring teams to them, and we have also helped identify, hire and onboard teams directly from day 1, leveraging our sizeable Talent team based in India. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to bring in the right people as well as the wider change management activities that need to run alongside a strategic activity like this if it is to be successful. We can even get involved at the business case stage to help ensure the right assumptions are going into your strategic planning, providing market assessments of salary levels, resource availability etc. – we have helped customers choose the right cities to set up in and more.

One thing we never lose sight of is that an activity like this is rarely about setting up a presence in India for the sake of it, it’s about making sure that your business objectives are realised, so we stay focused on ensuring everything we do targets those goals.

Key success factors


Ensure actions are focused on achieving business outcomes.

Change management

Existing teams in the business buy into the change from the start.

Local knowledge

Set everything up in the right way with brand presence where it’s needed.

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